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Veerle’s Blog

This is personal blog source for topics ranging from XHTML/CSS to graphic design tips. The owner is a graphic/web designer living in Belgium. more »

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Web Design


Knassar is a web design company, developing high class websolutions. They work with partners like advertising and branding agencies. more »

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White Image

White Image is a huge art gallery about specialising in Irish art. White Image presents the simplest way to buying quality Irish Art online. more »

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Illustration, Multimedia, Web Design

Volll-Ahoi Human!

Helllo this is Volll- a small European atelier for design and development. Volll likes fish, colours, shapes, forms and especially technology. more »

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Entertainment, Flash Sites, Illustration

Meomi Cloud House

Meomi is a wonderful world dedicated to children. Besides the name are Vicki Wong (Vancouver) and Michael Murphy (LA). more »

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Flash Sites, Illustration, Multimedia

Sir Patroclo

Sir Patroclo is made by the amazing graphic designer Patricio Berros. This hot web site holds animation, games, vector, bitmap, illustrations and marketing multimedia. more »

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