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Well Medicated

Well Medicated
Well Medicated is a design resource where Andrew Lindstrom share his theories, thoughts and findings on the topic of web design.¬† more »

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DistypeDistype is a small Belgian pixel typeface foundry with minor commercial aims. Their goal is to design both functional and aesthetic pixel typefaces for the design community. 

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Pro Corbis

Corbis is a creative resource for advertising, marketing and media professionals, helping to bring creative work to life with the highest quality photography. more »

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Vectips is a website for Adobe Illustrator¬Æ tips, tricks, and tutorials. Whether you are a seasoned illustrator or just starting out, Vectips will help you for sure. more »

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Susanne Paschke

Susanne Paschke lives in Berlin and works as a freelancer Illustrator and Designer.Her instrument of choice is Macromedia’s Freehand, which she plays to create path by path small pieces of art.

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Te Whanake

Te Whanake is a set of textbooks, study guides, CDs, teachers’ manuals and a dictionary for learning and teaching MƒÅori language. more »

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