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Advertising on Hotwebber is done on a subscription basis. You need to subscribe through Pay Pal. Subscriptions can be renewed at the end of their period.
If somehow you decide to stop advertising on Hotwebber, you will just need to cancel your subscription through PayPal.

Once that you purchase an ad subscription, please send the necessary creative to

We currently offer 4 Advertisment options:

FAVICON SPOT (16x16px) - $5/month
Position: [header]

FAVICON SPOT (16x16px) - $15/5 month
Position: [header]

Half Banner (234x60px) - $55/month
Position: [sidebar]

Double Half Banner (234x120px) - $100/month
Position: [sidebar]

Full Banner (468x60px) - $260/month
Position: [post] Inside every entry. Where you currently see Google Ads.
Discounts are available for longer periods.

Please contact for more info.

Banner Specifications:

    - Format: .gif, .png or .jpg format.
    - Details: Please provide us with the URL where the banner should link to.
    - Recomendation: We do not like animated banners.

* At the moment Hotwebber welcomes ads for XHTML/CSS Coding or Flash services.