A showcase of precisely selected websites

Hello there, webster!
If you are wondering what the hack Hotwebber stands for, this is the place where you get to know that this thing right here is a website digger. It does not only collect but also reviews only fresh,worthy and highly inspiring websites from around the world to empower designers’ creativity and ideas. Hotwebber is ment to become a neat and huge website collection that its every entry is a must see.There isn’t a preferred type of sites that are collected. We have a vast variety of categories and tags. Each website is carefully reviewed and synthesized in a few lines, so that visitors can get an idea of the site, before ‘wasting’ any click.Our entries are judged by their aesthetics, design, structure, functionality and code-thightness. There can be multimedia presentations, company and web agencies’ sites, personal portfolios and blogs or sites that are just fresh and cool.

If you wish your site to be featured in Hotwebber, you can do it by navigating to the submit a site section from the main menu.