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TotalFinder is a plugin which gets loaded into Finder when you launch TotalFinder.app. It works similarly to SIMBL plugins which you may know from other programs. But TotalFinder is standalone and it is not dependent on SIMBL (since version 0.8.3).

Make your Finder totally rock!
Implemented features:
TABS like in Google Chrome! (read more)
Add a dual-panel mode (like in good old Norton Commander)
Make Finder available system-wide on a hot-key (like Visor)
Stop creating .DS_Store litter (read more)
Show the folders always on top (read more)
Future goals:
Add a better keyboard shortcuts (for keyboard-oriented freaks like me)
Enable a cooperation mode with Terminal.app (for command-line lovers)
Add user friendly MacFUSE support
And what about better git/svn/hg integration?

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