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Anisa Dhaniaprianty

Anisa Dhaniaprianty
Anisa also known as Ica is a 20 year-old photographer from Indonesia. Her background and family is very much connected to art. Her mother and her uncle used to be signers, her brother and father play guitar and her sister signs and plays a piano. So we can see that Art is in the blood of this family. Anisa calls herself an art appreciator. She loves dancing, painting, singing, writing poems but her passion happens to be the Photography.

She has experienced as a part time photographer at MALB (Malaysian League Baseball). Digital artist and fashion reporter at PRODO Magazine and LO artist at Empat Musim Fashion Show.

And if you browse her website, you will get to know that she has a lot more to be seen…

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One Response to “Anisa Dhaniaprianty”

  1. lucia says: Posted on Wednesday 4th June

    cute website… she’s really talented

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